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All our ads reference a 10-year term policy at standard health class rates or better. Not everyone qualifies for these rates, and they may not be available everywhere. You must discuss your health and objectives with a licensed agent before purchasing insurance from TermLifeProvider.

Sample Policy:

50-Year-Old Man: Height 5'11, weight 240 pounds, has Type 2 Diabetes with an average A1C of 6.5% but is otherwise healthy. Seeks $1,000,000 in coverage for a 10-year term as a non-smoker.
Americo Life Insurance provides a 10-Year Term policy as a Standard Non-Smoker at $164.41 monthly or $1,879 annually. Policy forms are 15-100-31-IL, or 12-001-1-IL.

60-Year-Old Male, 5'11", 200 pounds, with no serious health issues, qualifies for Preferred Best Non-Smoker. He seeks $1,000,000 coverage for a 10-Year Term as a Non-Smoker. Americo Life Insurance offers this 10-Year Term (2023) at Preferred Best Non-Smoker rate for $220.76 monthly or $2,523 annually. Policy Form is 15-100-31-IL, or 12-001-1-IL in. Hassan Sanders is licensed in 45 States including D.C. & California.

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TermLifeProvider | The Home Of HassanHelps Is A Leading Life Insurance Brokerage, Offering Top Rates From Major Insurers Nationwide. For Over 16 Years, We've Helped Thousands Save On Life Insurance. Our Experience Shows Many Clients Struggle With Diabetes And Related Health Issues Like Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, And Heart Disease. By Educating Our Clients About The Life Insurance Process And How Health Impacts Premiums, We Aim Not Just To Improve Their Health But Also To Reduce Their Life Insurance Costs.


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