Life Insurance that Includes Living Benefits

Numerous Life Insurance policies provide living benefits, enabling you to utilize a portion of the Death Benefit while you're still among the living. These benefits are frequently appended as riders on Universal Life Policies, though certain Term Policies also incorporate living benefits within their coverage.

Free Living Benefits

Numerous Term and Universal Life policies these days incorporate a terminal illness benefit rider gratis. Should one be diagnosed with a terminal illness anticipated to culminate in death within the span of 12 months, the insurer disburses a portion of one's death benefit prematurely.

Furthermore, certain insurers proffer a return of premium rider on Universal Life policies devoid of any supplemental charge. This provision enables one to terminate the policy at predesignated junctures, oft after a period of 20-30 years, and receive a reimbursement of all premiums remitted. Purveyors of insurance such as Symetra, United of Omaha, and American General extend this benefit sans any additional cost.

Living Benefits with Additional Cost

Universal Life policies are increasingly incorporating riders that facilitate accessing one's death benefit at an antecedent juncture should one be confronted with a critical or chronic illness, or require long-term care, with specific quantum sums being rendered available.

If one is afflicted with a critical illness such as cancer or a cardiac event, one could receive a lump sum disbursement of $25,000. For chronic illnesses that impede daily activities without assistance, one might access up to 2% of the death benefit on a monthly basis until it is fully depleted. Every policy possesses its unique characteristics, and we are present to aid in navigating their intricacies.

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