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From Credit Despair to Financial Flair: My Journey to Repair

I am Hassan. I struggled with my credit in my early 20s, especially during college. At times, I had success with various credit repair services, but always ended up reverting back to bad financial habits and seeing my credit score drop again. In the fall of 2006, I came across a credit repair article that explained how credit scores work and how credit reports can contain errors. The article mentioned that according to CBS News, 79% of all credit reports contain errors, such as accounts incorrectly listed as late, closed accounts still showing as open, or misspelled names and incorrect contact info preventing bill notifications. These common issues affect 8 out of 10 people in the US.

The article also explained the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law that allows individuals to dispute errors on their credit reports. If the credit bureaus can't verify that the disputed item is accurate, they must remove it from the report. Inspired by this information, I took the advice the article gave and decided to give it a shot. With a credit score of 550, I was struggling to qualify for loans, credit cards, and mortgages at reasonable interest rates.

40 days later, my credit score was up to 650. I maintained that score for over a year, but the stresses of life pushed me back down to 620 by the end of 2008. In December of 2009, I revisited the article I had read and started another 40-day round of the program. As of February 2011, my credit score was up to 720, the highest it had been in over 15 years of dealing with credit issues. My plan was to maintain this score and the program for a few months and do one more round of 20 days to get above 750.

In addition to improving my credit score, I was able to qualify for better loans, credit cards, and even a mortgage at competitive interest rates. I was well on my way to financial struggles and possible bankruptcy at an early age, but I became confident that I could further mitigate those financial risks with the tools and advice I had learned. I got so good at managing my credit that I decided to start my own legitimate credit repair company called Credit Medics Rx - "Prescription for Excellent Credit."

At 41 years old, I am in the best financial shape of my life and have confidence that I can help others achieve good credit goals. Through Credit Medics Rx, I specialize in assisting high net-worth and low-income individuals improve their scores to qualify for mortgages, credit cards, business funding and more. Using a legal tweak in law 91-508, my team and I remove collections, repossessions, evictions and bankruptcies. The result is a higher FICO score, better borrowing power, and potentially tens of thousands in interest savings over time. An improved credit profile may even lower insurance premiums on financial products.

My life insurance will be less expensive when I keep this credit score up for at least one year as well. I could end up saving tens of thousands of dollars on premiums over the next 15+ years by just improving my credit score. As of August 2019, my credit score is 760 and holding above my original goal of 750.

Is it easy? Nothing worth doing ever is. Honestly, the first few days are difficult. By day 5 or 6, I had a clear understanding of my credit situation, I had no more anxiety about my finances, and felt great. The tools and advice I learned helped me persevere and make my goal achievable. Most of the days on this plan, I couldn't believe I was being this successful for so long. Is it free? Nothing of value ever is. What would you spend to get your financial health back? What would I spend to save tens of thousands on my life insurance premiums? The answer is different for everyone. See Disclaimer.

I am required to write that you should always speak to a financial advisor about any changes to your credit or financial situation and monitor your credit report regularly before making any major financial decisions. HassanHelps | TermLifeProvider does receive fees and commissions from Credit Medics Rx. No purchase is required from HassanHelps | TermLifeProvider to benefit from the Credit Medics Rx program or to receive a life insurance quote.

If your credit is holding you back, we can help. It's not an overnight solution and takes real work. But my team has the expertise to guide you through the process and get results. Take the first step2 Column today by contacting us for a free consultation and credit review. A brighter financial future awaits.


Keeping an active watch on your credit lets you keep track of your FICO® Scores and alerts you to any unusual activities, like unexpected credit inquiries, newly opened loans, or accounts reported as delinquent under your name.


In addition to tracking your credit, our service provides identity theft protection. This includes alerts for unauthorized use of your Social Security number, surveillance of the dark web, advanced notifications for address changes, and checks against national and international criminal databases to catch identity thieves using your name for illicit activities.




  • Comprehensive Credit Analysis by the Three Leading Credit Agencies

  • Detailed Overview of Your Credit Standing

  • Dedicated Customer Service Support Entirely Based in the U.S.


  • Regular Checks for Unusual Activity

  • Notifications for New Accounts and Changes in Report

  • Professional Assistance and Guidance


  • Social Security Number Monitoring

  • Address Change Alerts

  • Domestic and Global Criminal Record Checks


  • Identity Restoration Services in the U.S.

  • Personal Case Manager

  • Assured Peace of Mind


  • Receive up to $1 Million for Reimbursing Stolen Funds**

  • Includes Payment for Legal Fees and Expert Advice**

  • Compensates for Personal Expenses**



  • User-Friendly Online Simulation Tool

  • See Your Current Score and How It Could Change with Different Financial Actions

  • Helps with Financial Planning and Future Decisions

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