Since 2008, We've Been The Trusted Life Insurance Choice For Over 121,000 Individuals. There's No Fee Or Commitment To Begin.

HassanHelps® is a brand developed by TermLifeProvider in 2008, with HassanHelps embodying the typical customer who needs Life Insurance despite having health concerns. Navigating the Life Insurance market can be tough for those who are overweight, have diabetes, or face other health challenges.

Our goal at HassanHelps® is to simplify the process and demystify what happens behind the scenes. We aim to educate our clients on the necessities and help them secure the best rates available, bringing the true reality of Life Insurance to the forefront.


HassanHelps® stands out from the typical Life Insurance Agent by ditching sales scripts and not pressuring clients to spend on the first call.

To match you with the ideal policy and price, HassanHelps® needs to understand you through clear questions. We aim to offer an accurate quote from the start, beyond just presenting a low figure.

The key is not just quoting a low price but ensuring the policy is issued at that rate.

Success requires your honest participation about your health. HassanHelps will always be upfront and expects honesty in return. You might consider yourself in perfect health, but navigating Life Insurance needs our know-how.

Each Insurance Company has its specialties, and seemingly minor details can significantly impact your premium. Many factors might surprise you, but HassanHelps® knows how each detail is viewed by insurers.

So, when looking for Life Insurance, do you prefer a low estimate with little insight into your health and a slim chance of securing that rate? Or do you want a professional who invests time upfront to secure the best rate for your unique health profile?

Choosing HassanHelps® means no disappointments. With honesty from the start, we ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

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TermLifeProvider | The Home Of HassanHelps Is A Leading Life Insurance Brokerage, Offering Top Rates From Major Insurers Nationwide. For Over 16 Years, We've Helped Thousands Save On Life Insurance. Our Experience Shows Many Clients Struggle With Diabetes And Related Health Issues Like Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, And Heart Disease. By Educating Our Clients About The Life Insurance Process And How Health Impacts Premiums, We Aim Not Just To Improve Their Health But Also To Reduce Their Life Insurance Costs.


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