Since 2008, We've Been The Trusted Life Insurance Choice For Over 121,000 Individuals. There's No Fee Or Commitment To Begin.

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We Go the Extra Mile to Secure Unbeatable Rates. Our process begins by thoroughly understanding your coverage needs and health profile upfront. Then, after receiving your application, medical exam, and records, we dive back into the markets - cross-shopping to ensure the final rate offered is the most competitive available for your unique situation.

Independent Broker - Unbiased and Client-Focused

We Continually Optimize Your Rates, Even After Application. Many brokers are contractually bound to a single insurer once your initial paperwork is filed. In contrast, our independence allows us to keep searching for better options throughout the underwriting process - pivoting to a new carrier if doing so secures you a superior rate based on all available health data.

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The Myth of Online Rates

In the past, our website offered instant quotes, but they rarely reflected the final price for customers. We targeted vacationers over 60, but only a small percentage (around 3%) qualified for our premium travel insurance plan. Many saw a high price for a two-week trip to Europe, got discouraged, and booked elsewhere without ever getting a personalized quote. Others were drawn in by a low price, only to be disappointed later when they learned they didn't meet the eligibility requirements for the chosen plan, leaving them without the coverage they expected. Neither situation was ideal for us or the customer.

Forget "instant quote" life insurance – it's like buying a car without a test drive. Sure, some companies promise coverage with no medical questions, but those deals often come with hidden costs and might not be the best fit for you. We prioritize transparency here. While we have simplified options, a thorough review – including your medical history – is key. This might sound old-fashioned, but it ensures you get the fairest possible rate. Unlike your social media history, your health can't be easily summarized online, and a deeper look unlocks the best coverage for you.

Swinging you a random guess on price might be about as useful as a chocolate teapot – wildly inaccurate and ultimately unhelpful. Plenty of other sites are happy to play that game, but frankly, it wouldn't do you any favors. Truth is, unless you're a health superstar – under 40, medication-free, ideal weight, and with a clean bill of health – getting a truly precise quote online is like finding a unicorn. Here at our corner of the web, we cater to the rest of the real world, the folks who need a more grounded approach.

In the market for life insurance guidance? Worried about pushy salespeople? Relax, we take a different approach. We understand you're considering life insurance for a reason, and if it turns out you don't need it, we won't pressure you. After all, it's a waste of everyone's time. Particularly for those with health concerns beyond the minor stuff, life insurance is a thoughtful decision, not an impulse buy. The process starts with a quick check-up, either an exam or a phone interview to gather some basic info. Then, there might be some waiting while the insurer dives into your medical history – patience is key here. Once they have everything, we'll present an insurance proposal. By being upfront with us, and through our thorough questioning, the final offer should closely match our initial discussions. Be careful of online quotes, though. They often miss the intricacies of this process, making their accuracy questionable.

A quick 10-minute chat with our experts saves you from a lengthy underwriting process leading to an unaffordable quote. We aim to nail your ideal coverage upfront by meticulously reviewing your details and pairing you with the insurer offering the most competitive rates tailored to your profile. Our compensation is tied to you accepting and paying for that first year's premium - if we can't secure you the very best deal, we don't profit. Presenting you with unbeatable rates is our sole mission, achieved daily through our unwavering commitment to your long-term satisfaction.

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